Are you tired of buying one vacuum after another because they just won’t hold up?

Switch to a SEBO and be amazed at the cleaning performance, durability, ease of movement, and hospital grade filtration. Doug Yaple Vacuum Cleaner Centers are a SEBO Medalist Dealer, which means we offer a 10 year warranty on all new SEBO’s purchased from us.

SEBO K3 Red.jpg

Did you know that Dyson is the best bagless vacuum on the market? Not only does Dyson come with allergen filtration, the upright vacuums also have a 5 year limited warranty.

Dyson UP13.jpg
Dyson V7 Cordless.jpg

Hoover is still a very well-known household name, from vacuums to carpet and bare floor washing machines.

Hoover Smart Wash.jpg

Need a lightweight vacuum? The Oreck is an easy-to-use, lightweight option that packs a ton of cleaning power.

Oreck Commercial.jpeg
Oreck with Light.jpeg

Cirrus Vacuums are a very high quality option!  This great upright, full sized vacuum is built to last with strong metal parts, rather than flimsy plastic. 

Cirrus Cordless.jpg


Our professional strength Nilodor products can cover all of your carpet cleaning needs. To freshen in between cleanings, Nilofresh is a vacuum safe carpet refresher that will leave your home smelling amazing.

Are you constantly cleaning up spills, stains, or pet accidents?  The Extraction solution has super cleaning power and works great in any extracting carpet cleaner and the Digestor destroys organic enzymes in urine or other organic accidents.

To freshen in between cleanings, we carry Nilofresh, a vacuum safe carpet refresher. Don't forget to grab some Tap-A-Drop vacuum "perfume" at checkout, just a single drop in your vacuum bag will leave your house smelling amazing!

We also carry Nilodor shampoo for the old-fashioned foaming carpet cleaners and Kirby users can still find Kirby shampoo. 

  Stop in to either location and browse our wide variety of specialized cleaning products and chemical inventory to assist in all your floor cleaning needs!

Belts and Bags

We carry a wide variety of Belts and Bags in-store, and if we can’t get them, they probably don’t exist!

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