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Helpful Tips for a Happy Vacuum


· Filters: Every Vacuum nowadays has 2 Filters that need to be maintained and kept clean, no matter if it is a bagged or bagless Vacuum. There are washable and replaceable ones, intake, and exhaust. If your filters are dirty, the vacuum is unable to maintain airflow that is needed for suction performance and eventually the motor can be compromised. Washable Filters (water only, no soap) always need to be completely dry before being re-inserted. Recommendation is to let them dry for 24 hours in a well-ventilated area (in front of a Fan works well).

· Belts: Most Vacuums that feature a revolving Brushroll, sometimes also called Agitator or Brushbar, and have a Belt that connects the Brushroll to the Motor Pulley. As the Motor Pulley spins, it propels the Brushroll at high speed with the Belt attached. The Belt must be on tight, without slippage, for the Brushroll to efficiently pick up dirt as the carpet creates resistance. Over time the Belt can stretch and slip, making it time to replace the belt. This usually happens within 8 months to 1 year. You may notice a burning smell as well. Some Vacuums have non-stretch serpentine or cogged belts that should be checked at least once a year to be kept damage free.

· Brushroll: The Brushroll should be checked once a month for hair and debris build-up. Hair build-up at the ends by the bearings is the most common issue for Brushroll failure. When hair works itself into the bearing area, the high-speed turning of the Brushroll melts the hair and the bearings seize up and may result in needing to replace the whole Brushroll (and Belt) if the bearings aren’t replaceable. Removing Hair, debris, and dust from the Brushroll ends keeps your Brushroll preforming better and longer.

· Brushroll Brushes: Some Brushrolls have replaceable Brush Strips that can be changed out as they wear down. Setting your Vacuum to the correct carpet height plays an important roll in how long the brush-length and the belt holds up. A low setting doesn’t always mean you pick up more. To find the correct carpet height setting for your carpet, do this: place some dirt on carpet, set the vacuum to the highest carpet height setting while in the upright position. Recline handle, then turn the vacuum on and see if it picks up the dirt you placed. If not, turn off the Vacuum before clicking it into the upright position and lower one setting. Follow this until it picks up. Also, turning on the vacuum AFTER reclining the handle and turning it off BEFORE clicking it into the upright position when done will safe your brushes and the belt from wearing prematurely.

· Power Cord: A good Cord-Maintenance is to always wind the cord from the machine outward toward the plug, and keeping the cord wound loosely on the machine prevents cord breakage. Always grip the plug tight and pull out of the outlet. Do not yank the cord to remove the plug from the outlet, it will eventually result in a loose plug. Check the whole cord periodically for cuts, wear marks, or punctures and replace cord if any are found to prevent electrocution, fire hazards and shortening out the motor.

· Yearly Maintenance: Once a year it is recommended to get your Vacuum serviced to reliably keeping it running throughout the year. Belt breakage and/or a defective Brushroll contribute to a clogged Vacuum if not taken care of rightaway. Also a good rule of thumb is to invest in a back-up Vacuum, especially if you have kids, pets, or you do not want to be without a Vacuum while you get a service done.


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